Freedom Day – Chiller Day

Chilling in the sun with Andy





Today is Freedom Day.

Freedom Day is a public holiday in South Africa, celebrated every year on 27th April. On this day in 1994, the first democratic and non-racial national election was held in the country.

So we had a day off today. I started my day going on a round with Jazz and Afie, visiting some lions, carcals and tigers. I also met the horses, but Afie could not hold herself back and chased them, so it was a short encounter.

After breakfast, I grabbed some eggs and my book and went to see Andy. She came running as soon as I called her and oooh she was in a real chiller mood. She talked to me and followed me – of course she knew I would bring her some eggs. We then had a really confortable time, rolling around on the ground, eating eggs and apples, reading a book and taking a sunbath. After a while we both took a short nap.

I then left her alone and went on a bike ride with Jazz, enjoying some movement after this relaxing lazy-lion-time.
So..that was a really peaceful Freedom Day! =)

Wish you a peaceful evening now! Enjoy =)


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